How to fix upgrade issue with AOL desktop gold

With the growing popularity of AOL Desktop Gold, there has been observed a significant hike in the number of its users. People who were using AOL Desktop are moving to this updated version of the desktop software, which comes up with several additional features and functionalities. Mere by performing the AOL Desktop Gold download and installation process, you can get it on your system and make the most of it.

From browsing, content, search, emailing, to messaging, you can enjoy various features, all at one place. AOL Desktop Gold also comes up with an auto-update feature, which ensures that the software always have the latest features and fixes out common bugs automatically. If it fails to update on its own, it is recommended to do the same manually.

In the same, you should also upgrade the software to the latest version available. Upgrading it will ensure that you access all the newly added features, enjoy a better interface, and have the access to premium functionalities. While upgrading the software, if you find any technical glitch, then contact AOL Desktop Gold customer support team for immediate assistance. However, if you want to troubleshoot the upgrade issues on your own, then check the following:

  1. Connect the system to an uninterrupted internet connection (Possibly, a WiFi network)
  2. Restart your device and try to upgrade
  3. Clean all the unnecessary files, residual files, temporary and junk files
  4. Make sure there is enough storage space available on your device. If it is running out of space, then uninstall some unwanted software and applications

Similarly, if you are facing AOL Desktop Gold update issue, then check the following:

  1. Make sure your device is connected to a stable internet network
  2. May be your AOL Gold Desktop is already up-to-date
  3. Remove the temporary and junk files from your device
  4. Disable the antivirus or the Windows firewall for a moment
    1. Don’t forget to enable them later

If the problems related to update and upgrade of AOL Gold Desktop persists, it is advised to take the help of a support technician. You will be given the most viable solution in no time. You can choose to receive manual troubleshooting steps or even ask the technician to fix the problem over a remote connection, which is completely secure. Hope the information was useful.

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