AOL Desktop Gold | Download & Install

AOL Desktop Gold, No doubt AOL is huge name in the tech industry, mainly it provides email services free as well as paid. The service provided by the aol mail is best in the market. Apart from the mail services aol provides internet security and a AOL Desktop Gold for all versions of windows.

AOL desktop gold is paid software that is super easy to use and can handle every day to day tasks.

Aol Desktop Gold software comes with some handy features such as built in aol search engine, here you can surf any content and videos on the internet. Unlike from the other browsers it provides a lot security features to protect your privacy

Here are some advantages of using AOL desktop Gold:

No need of any additional antivirus: If you are using aol desktop gold in windows you don’t need any additional antivirus for internet security as it provides built in security to protect your data.

No need of any browser: You don’t require any additional browser for surfing internet. As it comes with built in browser and its own aol search engine which makes your internet surfing a very smooth experience.

No need of high end processor: AOL Desktop Mail is one software that can replace many other software in windows such as a browser, an antivirus and also you don’t need to setup outlook or thunderbird to manage your mail. So this makes your system very lighter and system requirements for downloading AOL Desktop gold are very low, means you can use this software even in a 1GB ram pc.

Steps to download and Install AOL Desktop Gold

If you have already AOL Advantage Plan membership you can get aol desktop gold at no additional charges. Follow these steps to download:

  1. Log In to your My Benefits page.
  2. Under all products section scroll to the “AOL Desktop Gold
  3. Click download Now
  4. Follow the installation steps given below

If you are using AOL Desktop Gold trial version or subscription:

  1. Login to my account page on aol
  2. Click on my services and subscriptions
  3. Click get started under AOL Desktop Gold

Install Aol Desktop Gold

After downloading AOL Desktop Gold exe file follow these steps to install AOL Desktop Gold

  1. Open File explorer from menu or press Windows + E to open file explorer
  2. Go head to downloads folder and find the aol desktop gold exe
  3. Double click on the file or select run as administrator by right clicking on the file
  4. Windows will ask for the permissions to make change, click on yes
  5. Installation wizard will start installing AOL Desktop Gold
  6. After complete installation click finish

Congrats! You have successfully downloaded AOL Desktop gold. If you face any issue while downloading or installation feel free to contact aol customer support to resolve any issue.